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The “Zeum”

We haven’t been back in five years and you know what? Everything is the same. A few big vehicles moved, a pre recorded informational tape no longer works but that’s about it. I guess relying on state funds and donations really puts a damper on any major work at the museum.  We loved our two years there but we are happy to have moved on. I baked three batches of cookies on Sunday. Two batches we sent to our son and his partner. I gave the chocolate chippers to Marvin. Today I am working around the Rv. I need to defrost the freezer and do some weekly cleaning. Most times I like our at home days. When my life is always on the move I get tired.  Our first couple of days here in Texas it was hot all day and into the night. Boy the last 3-4 days it is cold in the morning.  Our heater has been going off and on all night.

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This is bar-be-que country.  And today we did a lot including a wonderful lunch. Eric saw online that a nearby donut/kolache shop was rated #3 in the state. So we went to breakfast there. It was really good. The donuts are light and tasty. And priced right too! An apple fritter is $1.00. Then to the laundromat to do a lot of laundry. Lunch was at Buzzy’s Barbeque.  It was excellent. I got three ribs and a salad bar and Eric got brisket.  We are at the Elks Lodge here in town. It is a good place. We don’t have septic but there is a pump out near the Elks building which is maybe 100 feet away. Kolache in Texas is a lot different than Michigan. In Michigan it is a heavy fried sweet pastry with filling. We like the prune filling. Here in Texas it is a roll that is lightly sweet (not like a donut but more like Hawaiian Bread) that has a savory filling. Eggs & sausage, or ham/cheese with jalepino and even a pig in a blanket.  There are a lot of restaurants in this town.  So much different than Quartzsite which had two plus three fast food places or Yuma which had a lot of “geezer” eateries. (Cracker Barrel, Applebees, Mimi’s Cafe, and so forth). We like Texas barbeque. The sauce is never served on the meet. It is always on the side. And the sauce is often looser and a bit vinegary. I love it.

Apple Fritter!

Texas Chicken

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We are on I 10 through Texas.  El Paso was crazy. Cars darted in and out of traffic. The freeway makes an “L” through the city. We fought a lot of traffic for  40 miles. The Cattleman’s Steakhouse is a famous restaurant about 15 miles outside the city limits of El Paso. I got ribs and Eric had a steak. The restaurant has peacocks, donkeys and several other animals in a small zoo like area. We stayed overnight in their parking lot (with another RV). The peacocks walked around the RV in the morning.  A beautiful creature. Our 2nd day we drove for 8 hours. We wanted to put a lot of miles behind us. There are not a lot of cities/towns along this part of the freeway.  We decided on one town that had a few campgrounds available. It was just shy of half of distance we needed to put on. We passed the town at 2:30 in the afternoon and decided to push on.   We had no campgrounds available but there were two Rest Areas.  We chose the 2nd one which was 75 miles further down the road.  The truck/RV area was behind the rest stop.  We got the last available spot and parked.  (as the evening wore on more spots came available) It was after 5 and we were ready for the night.  A truck camper parked in front of us with a couple about our age.  We had a quiet restful night.  A few trucks pulled out in the night but that was it.  There was a nice breeze all night and that kept the RV cool enough to sleep in.  Yesterday we reached our destination about noon.  We will be here for a week or two.  It is always a bit scary to me to arrive somewhere that doesn’t take reservations and hope that there is a spot.  Only two other RV’s here. The price has doubled though but still a bargain. Today it is suppose to get to 90 degrees. So our a/c will run all day and night.  Power is expensive and most campgrounds add that to the price they charge.  I was thrilled that staying at a rest area proved to be a good choice.  Lots of people in cars slept there overnight too. The part of I 10 we were on for three days was not heavily traveled.  The speed limit was 80 mph for all three days.

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Elvis has left the building

Last night the RV park had a 60-70′s dance. There was a three man band that play using some recorded music to help out. Mid way through the evening one of the guys left and put on his Elvis outfit and sang some of his hits.  Elvis walked around and handed out sweat scarfs to some of us women and I got one!  Personally autographed too.  It was a fun evening and no cost. Lots of nibbles and we loved the songs.  I think I knew all of the songs but one. We had a low key but fun week here. We went to Bisbee Az one day. Tucson one day to visit Costco.  And worked around the Rv the rest of the week.

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Tucson AZ

We spent a week in Yuma and now have moved to Tucson.  Today we went to Tombstone AZ. The population in the late 1800′s was 18,000. Larger than LA at the time. The town grew because of mining – zinc, tin and lead.  Some statistics from back then  317 ladies of the night and 104 bars.  The card game ran continuously for 8 years 2 months and 17 days. The miners worked 8 hour shifts. As one shift got off another shift would report for work. And the workers left the mines and went straight to town.

a date farm in Yuma AZ

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Sweetheart Month

We are near the end of our Quartzsite run. Looking forward to seeing our families back east. I made peanut butter cookies today for Bobby. And rice pudding on the stove top for Eric.


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New Oven

I’m on a learning curve with the new oven. It seems to heat a bit higher than the old oven.  Yesterday we made a German Pancake for breakfast. It rose so nicely but the minute it comes out of the oven it begins to deflate.  I got the best picture of it I could.  This is the last day of the RV show here in Quartzsite. We stay full until after the super bowl next weekend. In February we are about 3/4 full for the month. It is not until March until the park begins to empty quickly.

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Use it Up

Oneof the campers here at our park was at an Orange Grove last week.  He gave us about a dozen oranges. The oranges are so juicy and delicious. I decided this morning to candy the orange peels.  First  I had to wash the oranges, peel the oranges and then juice the oranges. I took the peels and tried to scrap as much pith off as I could. Then the peels boil three times changing the water each time. I made a simple syrup and cooked the peels for 45 minutes.    Now the peels are air drying. A lot of work but so superior to any store bought candied peel that it is worth the time.  I will make scones with the peels, also jeweled rice and we also just enjoy eating the candied peels.

These are so yummy

Fruit cake bread

We found an old cook book with this recipe. It is much easier than fruit cake and not nearly as sweet.  I make it once in a while.

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Mmm chocolate cake

Making a scratch cake and it’s in the oven. A very windy day here in the desert. Glad we don’t have to go any place today

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California Thanksgiving

We had a good time in Palm Springs. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We got to see Laurie and Sebi after about a year for me.  Sebi is growing up. The weather cooperated and it was a good holiday for us.

Laurie in her gorgeous navy blue Beaver coat

Grandpa and Sebi in the pool

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