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Feeling Good

With our new insurance my eye drops are no longer covered by much.  I had to make an internet search for a pharmacy. Then called my eye doctor to get a new prescription sent out to me. Fill in the five pages required by the pharmacy. Called the pharmacy a couple of times. Then to find somewhere to FAX the forms. We are in a strange city and I didn’t know where to look.  Ta da, I got it sent out today. Yessterday we went to the children’s museum again.

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Do You Remember?

We drove past the house I grew up in.  I tried to remember all the neighbors back then.  We knew each other well – most of the neighbors.  Mrs Smith would pay us one penny for each dandelion we picked and put in a paper sack. She would make a salad with oil, vinegar and a big of sugar with the dandelions. The dandelions had to be picked before the flower stage. Johnny was two doors down. He did not speak English well. I think he was from Poland. Mrs. R was next door to us. She had a lot and a half. We were never allowed to step on her grass. Mr. E served in the Spanish/American war. He was ancient when we were young kids. I remember one year he was the Grand Marshall in the Memorial Day parade in town. Mr. E never came down from his upstairs bedroom. We would play with his grand children when they came over. Across the street was a family of 4 boys and one girl. They always thought they were better than us. Surprise you weren’t. Two single ladies lived directly across the street. One would make out with her boyfriend about every weekend in his car. The other eventually committed suicide.  There were several other families on the block. The “M” family would sell penny candy at their kool aid stand.

I thought about the park we would ride our bikes to. There were slides that mom would let us take wax paper and polish to make it slick. There was a Maypole. A pole with chains and handles hanging down. Kids would grab the handles and run around in a circle around the pole.  We would get airborne. Sometimes we would hook our chain on the person behind us and with both of us running we could launch he/she high. I played one year on the kickball team. I took the park bus to the city finals for kickball. I felt so grown up because I went on my own. Took a sack lunch (pbj) and drank water from the drinking fountain.

It was a good time to grow up.  Family was everything and we had the best parents who cared for us.

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This and That

I was able to visit mom’s cousin Charlotte in the nursing home.  She is doing very well.  We are back in Indiana again.  Today I went with Miriam to the quilt club. I took several pictures of the quilts.

the house I grew up in


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Vicksburg MS

We spent the weekend in Vicksburg. Eric loves learning about the Civil War and there is a great battlefield here.  Both sides of the war fought hard and deserve to be honored.

red dirt

a cannon on the warship Cairo

17,000 soldiers buried here, 13,000 unidentified

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Top of the Morning

Today is Friday.  I am an early riser.  I have watched several couples walk around the park every morning. Today I decided to get out on my bike and ride just before 7 am. I discovered it is so much cooler in the early morning. I will keep that up the rest of the time we are down south. Maybe I had a burst of energy from walking so early but I started a load of laundry at 8 am. Then Eric asked me to bake a carrot cake and to try a new recipe. So I looked up several online and found the one I wanted to try. I do not have kitchen appliances as they take up room in the RV so I do most everything by hand.  I grated the carrots (2 cups), chopped the pineapple (the recipe called for crushed pineapple and I only had pineapple rings) and gathered all the rest of the ingredients.  I put the cake in the oven to bake.  I started a crock pot of pinto beans for dinner. I had soaked the beans last night and added taco seasoning, chopped onions and a tablespoon of molasses. And then I looked at the clock and it was 9 am. Gosh was this an industrious morning. Yesterday Eric and I rode our bikes together.  I am very uncomfortable with all the dogs that chase me when I ride my bike. We passed a house that had horses that were fenced in.  A large boxer dog came running from the area of the house. This house had a huge yard and we rode on by figuring the dog would stop at the fence. No sir.  Either he jumped the fence or crawled through it but it chased me on the bike.  Fortunately the neighbor had just come out her door and yelled at the dog (Murphy) to get back home. And it turned around.  I have had eight different dogs chase me while I ride my bike.

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A large state and we are still here.  Some complications but things will work out. I have a point and shoot camera that has a five second delay after I take a picture. What a hoot trying to take pictures out the RV window as we are barreling down the interstate. I would get a picture of the wildflowers then see a much better photo but it takes my camera so long to load a picture I miss getting a second shot. And I have to focus my camera before each photo by half way pressing down on the shoot button.  I have lots and lots of pics of nothing but these are a few of my better pictures of wildflowers.

Blue Bonnets

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The “Zeum”

We haven’t been back in five years and you know what? Everything is the same. A few big vehicles moved, a pre recorded informational tape no longer works but that’s about it. I guess relying on state funds and donations really puts a damper on any major work at the museum.  We loved our two years there but we are happy to have moved on. I baked three batches of cookies on Sunday. Two batches we sent to our son and his partner. I gave the chocolate chippers to Marvin. Today I am working around the Rv. I need to defrost the freezer and do some weekly cleaning. Most times I like our at home days. When my life is always on the move I get tired.  Our first couple of days here in Texas it was hot all day and into the night. Boy the last 3-4 days it is cold in the morning.  Our heater has been going off and on all night.

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This is bar-be-que country.  And today we did a lot including a wonderful lunch. Eric saw online that a nearby donut/kolache shop was rated #3 in the state. So we went to breakfast there. It was really good. The donuts are light and tasty. And priced right too! An apple fritter is $1.00. Then to the laundromat to do a lot of laundry. Lunch was at Buzzy’s Barbeque.  It was excellent. I got three ribs and a salad bar and Eric got brisket.  We are at the Elks Lodge here in town. It is a good place. We don’t have septic but there is a pump out near the Elks building which is maybe 100 feet away. Kolache in Texas is a lot different than Michigan. In Michigan it is a heavy fried sweet pastry with filling. We like the prune filling. Here in Texas it is a roll that is lightly sweet (not like a donut but more like Hawaiian Bread) that has a savory filling. Eggs & sausage, or ham/cheese with jalepino and even a pig in a blanket.  There are a lot of restaurants in this town.  So much different than Quartzsite which had two plus three fast food places or Yuma which had a lot of “geezer” eateries. (Cracker Barrel, Applebees, Mimi’s Cafe, and so forth). We like Texas barbeque. The sauce is never served on the meet. It is always on the side. And the sauce is often looser and a bit vinegary. I love it.

Apple Fritter!

Texas Chicken

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We are on I 10 through Texas.  El Paso was crazy. Cars darted in and out of traffic. The freeway makes an “L” through the city. We fought a lot of traffic for  40 miles. The Cattleman’s Steakhouse is a famous restaurant about 15 miles outside the city limits of El Paso. I got ribs and Eric had a steak. The restaurant has peacocks, donkeys and several other animals in a small zoo like area. We stayed overnight in their parking lot (with another RV). The peacocks walked around the RV in the morning.  A beautiful creature. Our 2nd day we drove for 8 hours. We wanted to put a lot of miles behind us. There are not a lot of cities/towns along this part of the freeway.  We decided on one town that had a few campgrounds available. It was just shy of half of distance we needed to put on. We passed the town at 2:30 in the afternoon and decided to push on.   We had no campgrounds available but there were two Rest Areas.  We chose the 2nd one which was 75 miles further down the road.  The truck/RV area was behind the rest stop.  We got the last available spot and parked.  (as the evening wore on more spots came available) It was after 5 and we were ready for the night.  A truck camper parked in front of us with a couple about our age.  We had a quiet restful night.  A few trucks pulled out in the night but that was it.  There was a nice breeze all night and that kept the RV cool enough to sleep in.  Yesterday we reached our destination about noon.  We will be here for a week or two.  It is always a bit scary to me to arrive somewhere that doesn’t take reservations and hope that there is a spot.  Only two other RV’s here. The price has doubled though but still a bargain. Today it is suppose to get to 90 degrees. So our a/c will run all day and night.  Power is expensive and most campgrounds add that to the price they charge.  I was thrilled that staying at a rest area proved to be a good choice.  Lots of people in cars slept there overnight too. The part of I 10 we were on for three days was not heavily traveled.  The speed limit was 80 mph for all three days.

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