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Everyone needs a little art in their life.

Today Suzie and I went to the Utah Fine Arts Museum on the campus of the University of Utah.  It was a wonderful experience.  The sections that were open included all but the photo’s section and the 20th century.  Their collection is splendid.  While they don’t have any pictures exhibited that are common posters.  (At least none of the pictures were images that I recognized.)  The museum had a collection of a few pictures from most of the important eras up until the 20th century.   The pictures were wonderful examples of styles from those eras.  Absolutely, wonderful examples.  An added bonus was that the placards next to the pictures explained the painter and often the details of the content of the painting.  The sculptures and pieces of furniture were wonderful examples of the period that they were created.

Everybody needs to have their souls stirred occasionally.  Art can touch a spot within your soul that is unique.  If feels good to stir that spot once and a while.

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