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Museums here too

Today was the free day at the art museum at the university.  We spent most of the day there.  It was a good day.  What I noticed though is the museum is so dark and the paintings seemed to be spread apart.  We had a good time, packed our lunch and at at one of the student Bistro’s.  The museum is located in the University of Utah.  This is where the opening and closing ceremonies were held at the 2002 Olympics. The last hour I sat at the Bistro while dad finished walking through the museum.

08-04-02-004.JPG  An Indian wood carving.  08-04-02-009.JPG   A brass sculpture that looks like wood.  

08-04-02-011.JPG  A yawning statue (looks like Eric).    08-04-02-017.JPG  A cute little girl (my friend Dawn.)

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