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Pictures of the past.

can you guess who these people are?  Answers, in no particular order at end of pictures I will explain some of them.

Guess who this is?                 Guess who this is?         08-04-02-020.JPG            08-04-02-021.JPG             

08-04-02-022.JPG                              08-04-02-023.JPG                                      08-04-02-026.JPG                      

Most of you reading this will have no idea who these people are, particularly the last pictures.  The answer to the last picuture is my mother’s relations.  (Aunt Francis (sister in law), Danny her son, Charlie, brother (the ex-boxer), Jimmy, brother next to Sally, his wfe,  Eddie, another brother and finally Alma.  All except Jimmy and Francis were single all their lifes.  The photo was taken about 1948, 60 years ago. 

Another picture you couldn’t reconize is one of the few pictures of family in Germany.  The picture was taken in my fathers sisters back yard.  Martha was my dad’s sister, on the left.  Next comes Inge, her grandaughter,  Ernest my father,  Hermann, Martha’s husband, Then Hermann Jr. Martha and Hermann’s son and father of Inge.

The only other person that you may not recognize in the above pictures is Millie.  Millie was our housekeeper and nanny since shortly after I was born.   She lived with our family for about 10 or 11 years, until she got married.

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