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I’ve updated the website.

I’ve just updated WordPress, which is the free blog software we use to produce this blog. Now, stop hyper-ventilating Mom :) . You won’t notice anything new on the front page, but once you log in, it’ll look different.

It doesn’t change a whole lot about the software. In fact, prior to this change I’ve updated the website twice without anyone ever knowing. But I’ve been putting off changing to this update because it takes about two hours to update the software. It’s a really annoying and cumbersome system. But I’ve found a way to update almost immediately without a significant amount of time. It now takes about 3 minutes to update.

So, lets go over some of the changes. The menu in the top of the dashboard (the page you see after you log in) is much smaller. Now you are presented with four things. Write, Manage, Design and Comments. Below I’ll go over the changes that you’d need to know with the functions of each of these.

1. Write – You click this to write a new post, just as before. Posting pictures has changed a bit though. Previously you would scroll to the bottom of the post and upload a picture and blah blah blah. Now the system is a little different. When you start writing your post, you’ll notice at the top of the box where you actually enter text is something that says “Add Media” and there are four buttons. If you put your mouse over each of the buttons it tells you what each of them are. The first is Add An Image Add An Image <– that is what the button looks like, followed by Add Video Add Video , Add Audio Add Audio and Add Media Add Media . When you click on Add An Image a window will appear. From there it is just about exactly the same as last time.

2. Manage – Nothing has really changed about this. I don’t know if anyone else has used this, but it’s there in case you want to edit your posts or comments.

3. Design – I have no idea what this is and after this post I plan on clicking it to find out. Well, I clicked it. And it allows me to change the color or layout of the site such as adding header images, or changing what’s called the “Theme”. I have no plans on changing the theme though, because I like the simple layout. I’m working with a graphic designer to get some new header images. Really, she needed help getting her computer to get email correctly and I needed some header images. It works out great for the both of us.

4. Comments – The only time I ever really use this button is to check my Akismet Comment Spam Blocker to make sure it’s doing it’s job and isn’t too overzealous by taking out a legitimate post. It really doesn’t serve much more of a purpose for us as our blog isn’t huge. If our blog was massive (think thousands of readers) then it’d serve a much more worthwhile function.

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