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Another New Trick to Learn!

Well, I’ve gotten this far without problems on the “new” posting.  Today was a busy day for me.  We are trying hard to use up leftovers and what is in the RV.  We had about 1/2 a roasted chicken in the refrigerator.  We picked the meat off.  I decided to make chicken and noodles!  No noodles.  So I made a batch of home made noodles.  Does anyone remember grandma’s home made noodles?  Noodles are easy to make and it takes so little ingredients.  Just 1/2 cup of flour and 1 egg plus a dash of salt.  I rolled them out and Eric cut them. This makes just enough for Eric and I. I’ve chopped up some celery, onion and mushrooms. I’ll make a chicken broth and add the chicken and celery ect. Then we wanted bread.  Eric loves rye bread. It’s not the easiest bread to make but today I tried a recipe I saw on allrecipes.  The bread came out wonderful. It made 2 round loaves. Crunchy crusty, soft insides with caraway seeds. Dessert?  I have 1/2 of a #10 can of dried apples. I got online again and searched for a recipe using dried apples.  I am making fried apple pies.  They are small pies filled with the dried apples, cinnamon and sugar and fried in butter.  The pies will be th size of a biscuit folded in half.  We will have a delicious dinner without having to buy anything.  I feel almost like  a woman living in the depression who will  “make it do, use it up or go without.”  I will admit I did a lot of work making this dinner. My sinuses are much better.  I am so glad I am feeling better. Eric is outside working on the Elks Club’s small flower garden. It will be a lot of work to get the garden area looking good again.

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