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Crazy Mixed Up Day

Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum at the University of Utah. It was nice enough, but nothing can compare to Chicago’s museum. We went through the entire museum in about an hour.  Last night or early this morning we had to vacate our spot for the city to work on the street. They were to arrive between 2:30 am and 4 am. Of course, they should up at 4 am.  We drove to the Detroit Diesel repair shop to have our check engine light fixed on the RV.  OUr appointment was for 7:30 am and we arrived there about 4:40 am. The man in the front office directed us to the back where we plugged into a 20 amp electric box. Eric and I both fell back to sleep for a while.  Right at 7:30 am they took us in and said “yes, you have a problem and we can’t fix it today.”  So we are going back Monday.  Today the roads were icy in a few places.  We had a snow/rain/hail session yesterday and are expecting a winter storm tomorrow.  I am glad we are back to the Elks Club and that the roads really weren’t too bad early this morning. But, the city crew promised they would be finished by 10 am, it is nearly noon and they still have along ways to go. It’s cold here too. We pulled right next to the other RV so we could stay plugged in.  Not sure when the road work will be done.  Eric and I both feel like we’re having an “out of body” experience because of the interrupted sleep.

These darling little children are my friend Dawn’s grandkids.

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