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All is Well

We went over to the diesel repair shop last night and camped in their parking lot.  We were in the flight path to the airport. A lot of planes flew overhead but they seemed to stop about midnight.  It was warm last night and a bit hard to get to sleep. But once we did, it was a good sleep. They took the RV in bright and early.  We went to McD’s for breakfast.  Then stopped at a book store. We decided to go get some #10 cans of food for storage. There’s a place out here that sells powdered milk in the big cans.  I use it all the time for baking.  We used to be able to buy it from Costco but for the last year or so they are not selling powdered milk. Probably the cost. We passed a “Pick and Pull”.  Does anyone want to guess what that is?  A junk yard of autos.  Find a part, pull it for a buck.  Eric went in and we found the part we want.    We had packed a picnic lunch and ate in the parking lot of Pick & Pull.  It was wonderful to see all the people making use of the place.  I am proud that we went there. We got the RV back about 1 pm.  We got back to our RV spot and it was open. We parked and all is well.

Eric thought our repairman reminded him of dad.

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