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Photos of Kaitlyn

For those who don’t yet know, Lisa is pregnant and we are expecting our second (and final) child on October 27th of this year. Lisa is doing okay, she doesn’t have all day sickness like last time. For the most part its evening sickness that she gets. Starts right around 4PM and lasts until morning.

But I have a bunch of photos to post, so here goes…

That was the gallery view.  It works pretty well, but I’ve got some stories about some of the pictures.

Gaining speed

She wanted to ride her bike to the park.  She also wanted to ride down the hill.  She got to warp speed.  At one point she started freaking out so I reached out and stopped her, then she didn’t want me to let go until we got to the bottom of the hill.  But for a little bit, it was fun.

The next Tiger

She’s a lot better at putt-putt than on a golf course.  We have tried teaching her some of the intricacies of golf, such as the etiquette rule that you need to stay out of someones line of putting.

Following all etiquette

She’s still trying to learn that rule though…


I thought I looked like Thor in this picture.

Kite Flying

She was pretty good at keeping this kite in the air.  When others, such as the guy on the left of the picture, were packing up to leave because there wasn’t enough wind, Kaitlyn would keep her kite in the air.

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  1. Thor says

    My goodness, that red car has served you well.

  2. Mom says

    My beautiful grand daughter, son and daughter-in-law. Thank you for posting these pictures!

  3. Sister says

    Great photos! You do a good job at capturing the moment to tell the story. That’s not always easy to do.

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