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Hav’ a Copper?

Today we drove to the Kennecott’s Copper Mine. It’s about 25 miles from here and 2,100 feet higher. Remember the S curves in Arizona that Fred drove?  Just like that Lori! At least when Fred drove back down the roads he wasn’t swaying to the side to look down the mountain side (and gravel rolling down the mountain sides).  It was a lot cooler there too.  A wonderful place to visit. This place has been mined since 1930.  It is all cut mining.  You’ll see that in the pictures.  The trucks pictures haul between 250-350 tons each load. The trucks are the size of a house.  That’s us in front of one of it’s tires. The Empire Building can stand in the bottom of the pit at 90 ft and have 5x that much more space to fill above it.

We are way high looking down at the house size trucks. There is a constant stream of the trucks moving to the blast site, getting their load and taking it to the crushers. The loads are between 250-350 tons each time the truck gets a load.

Us in front of one of the tires the trucks use. Can you see the different levels (looks like steps) as they mine?

They mine 17% of all copper used in the US. Just to prove I was there! A WWII ration book that was buried in a time capsule here. A dynamite box & old lanter used years ago.

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  1. Lori Kitrush says

    I envy that you could go there with no problems, I know I would have felt sick. I love seeing this kind of thing, amazing.

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