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Hold the phone… we’re on google!

Check it out!

The google webcrawler has found somehow and has put us on the search engine.  I get to see which search engine results landed someone on our site.  There were only three people so far, but weird searches that don’t really have anything to do with us.

1.  Homey gang designs pictures – What?  This has nothing to do with us.  But in fact, we are listed as number 2 on the search.  It corrects “Homey” as Honey for out websites honey pot and sent this person here.

2.  http:bl honeypot samples – This is understandable with the recent post I put up about the honeypot.

3.  wiki rabbi priest bar – Um… wow.  We appeared on this search because of the text at the top of the website.  I’ve since changed that text because… well, just because.


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