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A Job Well Done

Eric finished his clean up and replanting job.  He worked all day on it yesterday. It is suppose to rain/snow mix tomorrow but I think everything will be ok.  When we got here in Bountiful the weeds covered the word Elks. Eric had to pull weeds, turn the dirt over, treat it with weed killer, chop up the big clumps of dirt and replant. Eric has  worked on this off and on the whole time we’ve been here.  I also took a picture of the intersection we look at everyday out our window.  We have seen gas jump 28 cents since getting here.  In the morning we almost hate to look to see if prices went up. Today I am going with Eric to the family history center. Probably my last time this trip.  I didn’t find out what I had hoped.  The accuracy of names on important documents is incredibly inaccurate.  Like Archie Kiracofe’s marriage certificate – his name is listed as Kiracoffee. I really enjoyed this month here in Utah.  I learned a lot about bread making.  Last night I tried whole wheat again. I ground the wheat and made the recipe.  I probably should grind the wheat a bit more. It’s nice to have a loaf of hot bread at dinner.

Look at this house in Salt Lake.  My next dream home.

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