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Confusius say buy food now before shelves empty

Look out Costco here I come. Did you see the morning news?  Costco is now limiting people to 1 bag of flour, rice, sugar. We were heading out the door this morning to buy another bag of flour.  I”m going to be mad if we can’t get one more bag.  We went out to dinner last night.  Our last night out before hitting the road.  We’re still not sure if it will be Friday or Saturday.  This restaurant was recommended by everyone in the Elks club plus the other campers.  It’s a Chinese restaurant.  And, only ok.  I think once a person has been to Chicago all other ethnic restaurants pale.  We had hot & sour soup – one of my favorites.  And it was good. The appetizer was lettuce wraps and that was good too. The main course was szechan lamb.  Only ok.  Too sweet and a big tomato flavor.

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