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Ask a Dumb Question

When we were with Kaitlyn yesterday I asked her if she knew how to make her slinky go down the steps. She said sure grandma, picked up the slinky and threw it down the steps!  I had to laugh.  We taught her how to make it walk the steps.  Today Eric is going to meet Lon at St. Martins and help judge the new senior projects.  Lon also helped judge the projects last year. Today Steve left Bear for the first time at the house.  We are watching him outside a bit and then when Eric gets back we’ll let him back outdoors.  Bear is a wonderful dog, I’m attaching some pictures of the outside of Steve’s house.  He completely built this by himself in 4 years.  The roof, the siding, painting, framing – Steve did it all.  It’s a beautiful house and I’m told the inside is even better.  I’ll post pictures of that when I get inside.  The little house is the pump house where his water pump and electrical panels are.  It matches the big home.  Steve is also building a dog pen, a “mother-in-law” house and lots of yard.  Notice how big the wood is piled for our cook out with Lon, Lisa and Kaitlyn. We had a lot of fun with that last year.

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  1. Thor says

    From the back, bear looks like Shadow.

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