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Not Raining Yet

This is about as close as a sunny day gets here in the northwest in springtime.  No rain – but no sunshine either. Just gray.  The year is flying by.  Thor’s final are this week.  Thor is getting his Masters degree while working full time too. We celebrated Calvin’s 6 mo birthday this week.  I baked bread today. I am always on the look out for a new whole wheat recipe.  I doubled it and wow it made 2 beautiful loaves.    I use a small convection oven and  can bake only 1 loaf of bread at a time.  The 2nd loaf rose so high it touched the top of the oven and the loaf has an indentation.  I am posting a picture of the back of Steve’s house where our RV sits.  Also the pump house.  When we first started coming here Steve had a giant area of logs.  He is down to just a couple.  Steve heats his home in the winter with his wood stove.

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