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Um Dessert

I decided to make a non fruit pie for our dessert this weekend. We both love coconut custard so that was it.  I topped it with meringue – I just love meringue.  We figured the whole pie cost $2.40.  When I was a kid my mom would buy frozen custard pies that we thawed and ate. She would get them on sale 3/$1.  The flavors I remember were chocolate, strawberry, something green and coconut.  Last week in the store I saw a frozen chocolate custard pie for $7.50. One pie.

I still reel from grocery store prices.  I picked up grated parmesean cheese (yes, in the green shaker) today.  We have good parmesean that we can grate in the refrigerator but I like the green bottled stuff on salads.  It was $5 for a big green cannister. Wow.

We’re having a lovely day today.  Eric isn’t feeling 100% so it is a good day to be at home.  I love making something special for our week end meals. Even Bear came over today and napped with us.


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  1. Kathy says

    Sue the pie looks delicious! I LOVE good coconut custard cream pie. Bet it didn;t last long.

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