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Making Yogurt

I used my 4 qt crock pot.  I filled it almost full with 2% milk.  I turned it on low for 2 hr. 45 min with the lid on.  I turned it off and left the lid on for 3 hr.  After 3 hours I took 1/2 cup of active culture yogurt and stirred it into the crock.  I then put the lid back on and wrapped the crock with a beach towel and left it sit overnight and it was turned off all night.  In the morning I had yogurt.  The whey was on top and I drained it.  We further drained the yogurt with cheesecloth although it really wasn’t necessary.  Don’t stir home made yogurt too much as it causes it to break down. We put the yogurt in bowls and topped it with fruit.  Eric comments will be on his posting.  He used thermometers. But the same process.  Not me – I just went as the directions said and it turned out great.

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