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Heartbreak Hotel

There really is a Heartbreak Hotel. It’s right across the street from Graceland. Graceland is a nice home but small compared to most fancy homes today. Elvis purchased it in 1957 and it was built in 1939.  I was the youngest person on our tour and I would guess the age of the tourist was in their 60′s.  It’s pricey to visit Graceland – $34 a person. I assume they figure in 10 years there is going to be no one visiting Graceland. I took a bunch of pictures – hey for that price – but most of the pictures were dumb.  The house is decorated in the style of the 70′s – shag rugs, leather or fur overstuffed chairs.  A mustard yellow refrigerator in a moderately sized kitchen. The grounds were beautiful though.  There is an area around the graves for people to sit and contemplate or cry.

I think I liked Elvis.  He was a poor country boy that made it big.

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