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Nothing like a good haircut

There’s a beauty school very near the range.  We had our hair cut there way back in November. I did not like my 1st haircut there.  It was the student’s first haircut and it took her 3 hours and she barely cut my hair! Today was an open house at the school and haircuts this afternoon were free. Free talks well to us.  Well, the girl who did it today was great.  I love the feeling of a good haircut.  Miriam cuts my hair wonderfully but I just couldn’t wait another 8 weeks.  By the time we get to Indiana I’ll need another cut and Miriam will do it then.  Eric’s haircut looks good too.  We were offered snacks (chips, cookies, soda and sandwiches) at the open house so all in all, a good afternoon.  We did tip well btw.

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