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Another Week goes by

We’ve had wonderful weather for about 2 weeks now – in the high 70′s and sunny. So the gun range has been packed.  Saturday we worked for 4 hours without a break. Standing in the sun.  When I had an empty field for 1 minute I immediately left for the girls room. And lunch. Then gave Eric his break – only about 40 minutes before our shift was up. The paid employees totally ignore volunteers. We don’t exist to them.

I have now gotten to the point of counting the weeks we have left.  We had one coyote in the park again this week. They have such an unusual howl. Today we went out to the 99 cent store, Walmart and Costco.  The most expensive thing we got today was the newspaper – $3.  We were looking for ice packs to help keep our drinks and lunches cold.  Wal Mart was sold out of the big packs but we got 2 small ones. Eric is up at the range shooting today. Filled the car up with fuel $3.59 a gallon.

Watched the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.  It is incredible the damage that has happened.

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