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Umm Pie

The raspberry pie turned out wonderful.  The crust did too.  Glad that he liked it because pies are a lot of work. Today we went to the Children’s Museum, Wind Up Here – a unique toy store and McD’s for lunch.  The kids were great.  Behaved well. Ate pretty good.  Bone tired tonight.  Steve did make it home Sunday night and Bear is no longer staying in the RV. Unfortunately Bear is scratching at the door to get in.  That’s going to take a while to correct.  He’s already made several marks on the RV door.  Today begins my 5 month commitment to pay off the charge. We put 5 fuel fill stops on and many doctor bills for me.  All necessary but I want to start next year with a zero balance.  It will be a struggle for both of us not to charge.  More of a struggle for him though.

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