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The Last of Clothesline Dried Sheets

I put the sheets on the bed yesterday and wow do I love the fresh smell of line dried clothes.  I only hang out clothes at two places – Miriam’s in Monroeville IN and at the campground in Lolo MT.  This year in Indiana I rarely hung my clothes out because of the rain. It rained a lot and I only got a few loads outside. Montana it was beautiful every day.  This week we went to the Great Wolf Lodge with our family Lon, Lisa, Kaitlyn and Calvin.  I was amazed at Calvin’s bravery.  He went down the medium water slide with no problems.  Got off smiling and did it several times.  Calvin also used the baby slide but he liked the medium water slide.  Kaitlyn was every where. She tried all the big slides and the medium ones.  Kaitlyn even made friend at the water park.  I understand why the young have children. This was so exhausting.    I think even Lon and Lisa were tired at the end of two days in the water.

Thor starts his job in NYC next week.  Of course I will worry about him being alone and far away.  Couldn’t get any further away from him could I being in Olympia WA?

I worry about the economy and the market drop.  What’s going to happen to us seniors?  All my life I planned on Social Security.  Talking about moving the goal posts.

We stopped at the store yesterday and in just a few days beef went  up to $9 a pound. We walked by that.  Noticed how everything is going up.  Eggs are up $1 a dozen, goat cheese which I love on my salads is up $1.50 a pound.  And this was at Costco which is a bargain anyways.

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