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The Fair

Today we picked up the grand children and went to Kaitlyn’s gymnastics class.  After that we were driving by the fairgrounds and realized the county fair is this week.  So in we went!  Calvin and Kaitlyn saw pigs, baby pigs, goats, sheep, alpacas, the young girl division of horse riding competition and a bee hive.  Calvin loved chasing the bubbles from a bubble machine.  Kaitlyn was a brave girl and rode the ferris wheel all by herself!  Both grand children rode the horses, the merry go round, and Calvin rode the airplanes.  Then on to the games!  Calvin won a stuffed banana toy.  Kaitlyn won a small penguin and a large prize!  Kaitlyn won a stuffed Husky dog!  It was a big prize too.  Then to McDonald’s for lunch.  Calvin ate 9 chicken nuggets.  That boy was hungry.  Kaitlyn ate her cheeseburger and a yogurt parfait.  They played a long time there too.  We returned two tired children to Lisa this afternoon.  And we had a lot of fun today too.

Calvin and Grandpa and Lisa working on ceramics

Ready for gymnastics

Doing the Hookey Pokey at the fair

Am I having fun?

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