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Bagpipe Lesson

Eric started his lessons again here in Olympia.  He found someone who teaches the bagpipes.  Eric is practicing right now.  Calvin loves to hear grandpa play on the chanter.  Even as a baby Calvin loved the music.  Not so with Kaitlyn.  Today we went to pet the kittens at the Animal Shelter.  Not too many to pet today.  Then we went to McD’s for lunch and playing.  After that we raced through Costco and picked up a couple of things.  Calvin fell asleep in the car on the way home and actually took about an hour’s nap at the house.  Kaitlyn is outside playing with her friends.  It got to 70 degrees today.  The first blanket I ever made has lots of “errors” but it was a big blanket and I gave it to Lon/Lisa because it is warm.  Calvin has adopted that thing and drags it around with him.  The corner is worn through where he rubs it on his face.  When the sun is in (like right now) it’s chilly.  I am not a happy camper watching the stock market go down.  I don’t do well with watching the economy.  And seeing it in grocery.  Gosh, it’s so expensive to shop anymore.

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