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Raining in Sin City

When I say all day rain it’s not the Washington all day rain.  Here it was very light and off and on.  We went to the movies yesterday and saw Hugo. It was good.  We did our weekly shopping at WalMart and Costco.  We go to the seniors matinee at the South Port casino.  It’s $4 but the movies are first run.  I hope to bake one kind of Christmas cookie today.  Not sure which one yet.  I’m partial to cut outs because they are my favorite.  I want to try the Thin Mints and I love Russian Tea Cakes.  We’ll make a couple of trays to hand out and some for the house.  I have a new recipe I want to try.  It’s a side dish that uses noodles, cabbage and sour cream.  Sounds interesting.  I’m a cabbage lover.  I made caramel sauce yesterday. I started out with the low calorie version.  I think today I’ll do the other one and see which I like better.  I saw a Pumpkin Caramel hot cocoa morning drink and I want to try it.

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