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A Week Until Christmas Eve

We just figured out what to fix for Christmas Dinner – roast beef.  We wanted something that was a bit different. I can’t remember the last time we fixed a roast beef.  We’ll probably drop our jaw at the price of a roast but I think we’ll just get it no matter what. We work in about a half hour.  Today there is a big tournament on the shotgun range. We don’t pull for tournaments but we pull for the public and practice shooters. Often times we are busy during tournaments.   Tonight is the church Christmas party.  It is based off the Polar Express movie.  Should be entertaining.  Next week all RV hosts have to take two safety classes each runs 4 hours. There is a class on both Monday and Tuesday.  Shoots a hole in our days off! Too bad it is scheduled so close to Christmas.  Christmas Eve we have shrimp (Eric’s family tradition), chips and dip (my family tradition) and other snack foods.  For Christmas breakfast we have lox and bagels (our tradition).  It seems years and years ago that the boys were home and we had family Christmas. I miss them.   I also remember being a child and having Christmas with my parents and sisters and brother.  I miss those times too.

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