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Snow Snow Go Away

Our daughter in law and our two grand children have been stuck in the wild snow and ice storm in Washington state. The week started out with our beautiful Kaitlyn being sick.  Then the snows started. And continued for two days. Nearly a foot of snow in WA is way beyond the capability of the city cleaning it up. Thursday was a day of freezing rain. Trees every where are dropping their branches. Weighed down by the heavy snow and adding several inches of ice – something gives. The electricity in the entire western part of the state is out.  Lisa was stuck. The snow plow stopped in front of their house – which is the last one on the street – and left a 5 foot pile of snow in front of her drive.   Bryan comes to save the day!  Lisa’s brother in law Bryan took his truck and drove to the house, picked up Lisa and Calvin and Kaitlyn and took all three back to his home.  Where there is a wood burning fireplace and a generator. Bryan doesn’t have power either and but least all of them could be together last night.  I sure hope the snow and ice melts today and power is restored.

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