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Using it Up

We grilled 2 chicken breasts for dinner on Monday. They were from Godzilla I think so we split one breast.  Yesterday I was working with leftovers.  To begin with we had two loaves of whole wheat bread, one loaf of sourdough and one bag of hamburger buns.  The whole wheat we have about half a loaf. Good enough for croutons.  The sourdough I love toasted for breakfast so I am saving it. The hamburger buns went into a delicious bread pudding. After it baked no one could ever tell those were buns.  The chicken breast I chopped up for a casserole using the universal casserole recipe. What is it?  Meat of any kind – most any amount.  Add a generous 1 cup of vegetables.  What did I add?  Chopped celery, chopped onion and a small can of green chilies.  The binder?  Two cups of white sauce that I made. I threw in a piece of cream cheese in the white sauce  that was left over in the refrigerator. Adding a delicious taste. Stir all together. Salt and pepper and baked. Just before it was done I added a topping. What kind? It could be crushed cereal like corn flakes, crushed potato chips, crushed buttery crackers and today I have a bag of those onion rings sold on the store shelves. I cooked it 30 minutes at 350.  Eric raved over it.  And we have enough leftover to make it work for lunch. Two chicken breasts made three meals. We are off to farmers market.

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