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This week we had a bit of unsettled weather.  We can see it in the mountains where the snow has increased quite a bit. We had  30 mph winds yesterday on the range.  We had about 6-8 shooters show up to our range.  It was a slow day.

We have been making a lot of meals at home.  We did pinto beans. Eric made chili this week. We had spaghetti last night.  And chicken & mushrooms in a cream sauce over pasta is Saturday’s fare.  Each meal has leftovers.  The pinto beans will be dinner for a couple of extra nights.  We love to top them with lots of good food.  I spice the beans with 2 heaping teaspoons of taco seasoning when I cook them in the crock pot.  Each meal was made from scratch.  We try to add salad to every meal except the beans because we top the beans with lettuce, onions, tomato, grated cheese and olives and peppers.

Pinto beans - a great dinner.

See the power lines from Hoover Dam?

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