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Elvis has left the building

Last night the RV park had a 60-70′s dance. There was a three man band that play using some recorded music to help out. Mid way through the evening one of the guys left and put on his Elvis outfit and sang some of his hits.  Elvis walked around and handed out sweat scarfs to some of us women and I got one!  Personally autographed too.  It was a fun evening and no cost. Lots of nibbles and we loved the songs.  I think I knew all of the songs but one. We had a low key but fun week here. We went to Bisbee Az one day. Tucson one day to visit Costco.  And worked around the Rv the rest of the week.

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Tucson AZ

We spent a week in Yuma and now have moved to Tucson.  Today we went to Tombstone AZ. The population in the late 1800′s was 18,000. Larger than LA at the time. The town grew because of mining – zinc, tin and lead.  Some statistics from back then  317 ladies of the night and 104 bars.  The card game ran continuously for 8 years 2 months and 17 days. The miners worked 8 hour shifts. As one shift got off another shift would report for work. And the workers left the mines and went straight to town.

a date farm in Yuma AZ

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Sweetheart Month

We are near the end of our Quartzsite run. Looking forward to seeing our families back east. I made peanut butter cookies today for Bobby. And rice pudding on the stove top for Eric.


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New Oven

I’m on a learning curve with the new oven. It seems to heat a bit higher than the old oven.  Yesterday we made a German Pancake for breakfast. It rose so nicely but the minute it comes out of the oven it begins to deflate.  I got the best picture of it I could.  This is the last day of the RV show here in Quartzsite. We stay full until after the super bowl next weekend. In February we are about 3/4 full for the month. It is not until March until the park begins to empty quickly.

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Use it Up

Oneof the campers here at our park was at an Orange Grove last week.  He gave us about a dozen oranges. The oranges are so juicy and delicious. I decided this morning to candy the orange peels.  First  I had to wash the oranges, peel the oranges and then juice the oranges. I took the peels and tried to scrap as much pith off as I could. Then the peels boil three times changing the water each time. I made a simple syrup and cooked the peels for 45 minutes.    Now the peels are air drying. A lot of work but so superior to any store bought candied peel that it is worth the time.  I will make scones with the peels, also jeweled rice and we also just enjoy eating the candied peels.

These are so yummy

Fruit cake bread

We found an old cook book with this recipe. It is much easier than fruit cake and not nearly as sweet.  I make it once in a while.

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Mmm chocolate cake

Making a scratch cake and it’s in the oven. A very windy day here in the desert. Glad we don’t have to go any place today

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California Thanksgiving

We had a good time in Palm Springs. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We got to see Laurie and Sebi after about a year for me.  Sebi is growing up. The weather cooperated and it was a good holiday for us.

Laurie in her gorgeous navy blue Beaver coat

Grandpa and Sebi in the pool

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The Camel

In the Quartzsite sign you see camels. During WWII the military decided it would train camels for the war in North Africa. It decided this was the perfect area to do it. So camels were brought over here and placed in Quartzsite. The Army attempted to train the camels for WWII. It did not work and several camels escaped. And began to roam wild in this area.  There are no camels left. We do have lots of coyotes, red tail desert wolves and goats.  It has rained two days straight. Yesterday was all day and many parts of it was a downpour.  The water sits and pools on the sand. Not absorbed.  What a nasty day off.  We have run the heaters for two days also.  Yesterday it stayed around 50 and soaking rain.  I bet many of the people “dry camping” in the desert are cold.

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Good Stuff

Our first day off this week.  I cleaned the floors, wiped down the cupboards and vacuumed.  We stopped in at the Dent Grocery Store. Where they sell near expired cake mixes, dented can goods, lots of salad dressings and so on.  One guy bought a brownie mix. Made me hungry for brownies.  I came home and made my scratch recipe.  I know what’ in it – eggs, flour, sugar, nuts, cocoa, butter and vanilla. Frosted it with home made frosting.  Wow, it is tasty.  I am guessing I probably come in at about a $1 also but I like my brownies. I made home made tomato soup.  We have some tomatoes getting old and this is a nice way to use the tomatoes. Eric will made pita bread Zatar to go with the soup . Tonight is movie night here at the park.  I will go and work online after I get home.  It sure looks like we might get the rain predicted for tomorrow.  I looked up one of my favorite Christmas movies – It Happened on Fifth Avenue. It is showing once on December 8th at noon on TCM. Gale Storm is in it.  Mom told me that when she was young many people told my mother she looked like Gale Storm.  This is another reason I love the movie.  I love thinking how pretty mom was. I did so well at work until late Wednesday.  Got a phone call from someone who wanted to stay here over New Years eve.  Wasn’t the most pleasant person. I just could not understand him.

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Sights of the Trail

The bike trail goes a long way.  From the Main Street of town and about the length of Winter Street it is landscaped with different kinds of cacti.  Then it goes to sand/rocks the rest of the way.  I liked Vegas better because it was smoother and I could ride faster.

There are several purple cacti

Flowering cactus

We ride to the edge of the town

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